Star ratings (hotel category)

The Bel Air Cancun star rating system aims to give you quick way to determine amenities available at a hotel. Star ratings do not necessarily reflect all the amenities or services that are available at a hotel or in every guest room at a hotel with a particular star rating.

Regardless of a hotel's star rating, you should expect a quality experience at each hotel available from Bel Air Cancun including a clean, comfortable room with housekeeping service and amenities and facilities in proper working order.

1-star (Economy) 1-star

A one-star hotel is expected to offer clean bare-bones accommodations with few or no onsite facilities. Guest rooms are normally compact and functionally decorated and may not have a private bathroom, in-room telephone, television or amenities. One-star hotels are usually located near restaurants and tourist attractions.

A one-star hotel is ideal for the budget traveler, where cost is the primary concern.

2-star (Value) 2-star

A two-star hotel is expected to offer clean, basic accommodations. They may have a business center or internet access but usually do not have meeting rooms, bellboys, fitness center or recreational facilities. Dining on-site is often limited to coffee service or continental breakfast. Guest rooms normally offer a private bathroom, telephone, television and limited amenities.

A two-star hotel is ideal for business travelers, explorers, where cost is a factor, but basic amenities are desired.

3-star (Quality) 3-star

A three-star hotel places a greater emphasis on style comfort and personalized service. Often they have a dining room on-site, swimming pool, fitness center, a convenience store and bellboy. Meeting and/or conference rooms and related services are usually available. Guestrooms include more extensive amenities and more careful attention to quality and comfort.

A three-star hotel is ideal for business travelers and leisure travelers looking for a little more than the basic amenities.

4 star (Superior) 4-star

A four-star hotel is a superior property usually offering more than one restaurant, bar and room service with extended hours. Services available can include bellboy, concierge and valet parking. A conference center and full business services are normally present. Guest rooms are spacious and usually offer stylish furnishings, high-quality bedding and bath products and a wide array of amenities including minibar and hairdryer.

A four-star hotel is ideal for travelers looking for expanded services and amenities and a higher level of comfort.

5-star (Exceptional) 5-star

A five-star hotel is very service oriented. Standards for quality comfort and services are high. More than one restaurant is available often including a fine dining option, as well as bar or lounge and room service 24 hours. Tennis courts and golf course access may also be available as well as a spa, modern fitness center and a swimming pool.

A five-star hotel is ideal for discerning travelers looking for personalized service, high quality amenities and a variety of services and facilities on-site.

Half-star ratings

We adopted the half-star to give greater precision to our six-star scale. Hotels with a half-star rating include amenities from the star category and additional amenities usually reserved for higher star categories.